Daniel Clark is an Audience Planning Supervisor at Hearts and Science on the AT&T business. He is also studying Data Science at Southern Methodist University, which explains the sharp pivot on this website from blog posts about his childhood to blog posts about data analytics.

In addition to building strategy for companies like AT&T and Cricket, Daniel contributed to the development of campaigns for brands like the U.S. Olympic Committee, Virgin Atlantic, Mattel, Sealed Air, and Land Rover. Outside his work at advertising agencies, Daniel launched a corn-themed 5K race in upstate New York called Run in the Corn with proceeds going to Make A Wish. Before becoming a professional, Daniel studied at the University of Tennessee learning about advertising and creating the award-winning campaign for the inaugural Fort Sanders Fest.

Don’t let him fool you though, all of his accomplishments are indebted to the support of hundreds of amazing people he worked with along the way. So keep in mind when viewing the site that there was a great team of people behind every link, and they all dragged Daniel kicking and screaming into the case study that was left behind.

Daniel currently lives in Denver, Colorado. In his spare time, he likes to wear silly outfits and race people on bicycles.


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