Land Rover

In the October of 2011, Land Rover launched a new automobile unlike any they have ever made before. From a car company whose reputation lives in its ability to forge through volcanic rock, icy tundras, raging rivers, and suburban driveways, came a much sleeker crossover SUV with the ability to do one thing that no other SUV could do before. It could parallel park  on any city street in the country.

Four months before, I was given the privilege to join the team at Y&R Brands, Wunderman, and Mindshare to create a national campaign to generate buzz around the launch of this new vehicle. As an Intern in the Brand Planning Department, our challenge was to find a way to find a way to reach the design-oriented and tech savvy people who have never considered buying a Land Rover before. With the “Power of Presence” as the guiding light of the Evoque’s essence, the creative team executed a New York Times Homepage Takeover, television commercials which showed the reactions of people after seeing the Evoque in Times Square, a launch microsite which shares the consumer journey, and the innovative “gyro controlled” 360 degree tour of the vehicle through iAd. Along with the awards, the entire production sold in a matter of weeks with 85% of the buyers being new to Land Rover.

I could not have asked for a better group of people to work with and learn from at my time that summer. Even though I never got to drive one of these Range Rover Evoques, sitting in those meeting rooms and working with the brilliant minds of Y&R, Wunderman, and Mindshare taught me something about the “Power of Presence.”

Credit goes to Steve Whittier, Karina Portuondo, Christine Hall and Keith Rhodes for their creative vision and leadership on the project.


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