Citizen Schools

Much like a famed hip hop group called The Wu-Tang Clan, Daniel is for the children. At least for a semester in the Spring of 2014. For those 3 months, I was able to voluntarily mold the minds of 15 middle school students at the Bronx Writing Academy of the nuances of the Advertising industry. To put their learning to the test, I tasked them with separating into two competing agencies (Electro Squad and Free & Loud) and creating ad campaigns for headphone giant, Beats by Dr. Dre.
From there on out, I let the 13 year old think tank loose to brief, brainstorm, storyboard, shoot and present their ideas to a panel of professional advertisers. Out of the many moments I’ll never forget from the experience, my favorite was how the kids took a “luxury brand platform” and used it to share a positive message about the pressures kids today are facing. Remember the videos below because they will one day be posted to a “You will never guess what this famous person was doing in middle school” blog entry.

Thanks to Harding Royster, Dane Williams, Frank Turok, Kyunhea Kwon, Meredith Kinee and Rachel Cuyler for the support and help on the project.


Free and Loud







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