Optum is one of the largest brands in the health care industry. As a consumer, you’ve probably interacted with their brand but may not know it. Their business is vast consisting of pharmacies and mail-order pharmacy business, local care delivery and physician network (e.g., Urgent care facilities), hospice care, employee fitness centers/health and wellness at many Fortune 500 companies, IT management, operational and administrative services for health plans, hospitals and governments, as well as owning the world’s largest database of patient data that can help hospitals, doctors and health plans with better patient outcomes. This campaign is designed to give the brand a public voice and begin the process of communicating all that Optum does to it’s many audiences.

I was a member of the account team for Optum throughout the new business pitch process to the creation of this campaign.

My role on the team was Assistant Account Executive, so the majority of the credit goes to Bruce Jacobson, Alan Vladusic, Lara Griggs, Janice Montefiore, Trish Kou, Mike Spiegel, Cynthia Wang and Christianna Gorin for their creative vision and leadership.