Project Nyx

Following my completion of grad school, I partnered with 17 other classmates to do a 40 hour hackathon with a simple prompt:

“How do you maximize the ROI with gathering GoodReads books, user interactions and reviews data through late 2017?”

As a result, we identified our core metrics for “value” as being rating score (which measures the book quality) and rating count (which is a proxy for book popularity), sampled a subsection of the data and built three tools.

Tool that can predict number of ratings based on the description.

Tool that can predict the rating score based on the description.

Tool that can predict rating score based on the features of the book.

These tools were with the authors and publishers in mind to help understand the best ways to promote their book so they can maximize engagement with their audiences.

The tool can be found below as well as our presentation.

NYX Publishing (

Credit goes to:

John Santerre

Adam Ruthford

Amy Nyman

Andy Heroy

Balasubramaniam Dakshinamoorthi

Daniel Clark

David Josephs

David Shaw

David Stroud

Drew Larsen

Indy Dhillon

John Partee

Morgan Nelson

Reannan McDaniel

Solange Garcia Alford

Sreeni Prabhala

William Arnost

Bo Yun