“Slow Down and Enjoy the Fight”

This Friday marks the beginning of the second weekend me and Dorothy have spent in this fine city of Brooklyn, New York. With the bags unpacked, electronics plugged in, and the refrigerator stocked with a Brita water filter and a half finished Vitamin water, you can say that we have finally settled in. As of Dorothy and my current job/internship expedition, things are beginning to look more promising everyday with the positive feedback we have gotten from the professionals in our respective industries.

But life between 9 to 5 on Mondays through Fridays can still be difficult for those who are still unemployed. In the time of practicing patience between phone calls, emails, and interviews, its still important to make sure that what you do to occupy that time is still meaningful and progressive while still being fun. In a city like New York where the nightlife, restaurants, and shopping can suck your bank account dry, its important to remember the best and most rewarding experiences are shared among friends. They have made the transition to life in the big city so hard and easy at the same time. Even though the future is still up in the air, I know that this is where Dorothy and I are supposed to be. As a friend of mine once said, “Slow down and enjoy the fight.”


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