Back in Action


First, I would like to express my apologies for not updating the blog in the past few months. This winter has been incredibly busy with friends visiting, social networking (the face to face kind), near misses, sprained ankles, and the duality of wanting to go outside with avoiding the frigid cold. Hopefully, this annual occurrence won’t affect my ability to write in years to come.

At the present moment, I can happily say that the high temperature today is 50 degrees. In a relative sense, this equates to a nice spring day and acts as a prompt for restaurant and bar owners in the area to open their roof or patio access to patrons. It will be nice to go outside much more often and become reacquainted with the people and the world around.

Recently, I had coffee with a new friend who is a Strategic Planner at an ad agency in Chelsea. As expected, she shared her wisdom of Strategic Planning as well as how her background in Journalism gives her the unique perspective on the study of consumers. What I did not expect was that our meeting would involve her giving me an assignment. She told me to take any piece of art that I find to be absolutely spectacular and write a creative brief for it. For example, pretend that you are a music agency and your creative director was Roger Waters and you were assigned to make an album. How would you inspire him to write “The Dark Side of the Moon.” Granted, this particular brief would have nothing on it besides a healthy dose of LSD and heroin, but the point of the assignment is still a great way to think of creativity as a process and not an end result.  It has a beginning that needs to be inspired, and all the good strategists can find ways to bring it out.

That’s where I hope to take this blog in the near future. I want to explore the ways and places where creativity can come from, and I want to think retrospectively in hopes to not bastardize the term all together. Because you know, the fate of the creative world rests in the semantics of Hopefully, the content that you see in the near future will meander though the experience and thought processes involved in expressing truth and pain. As cliché as it sounds, the richness of life is in the journey rather than the destination.

Take care and see you soon.



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