The brief

OBJECTIVE: Revive Kleenex from mediocrity into the spiritual force a tissue brand could be.

CHALLENGE: Due to its monopoly of success across the globe, Kleenex risks it’s brand name becoming the generic catch-all name for the category and subject to losing it’s trademark.

In addition, Japanese consumers do not know the difference between the quality of Kleenex tissue and it’s inferior competitor, Puffs.

TRUTH: As the nation of Japan rebuilt itself from World War 2 in the latter half of the 20th century, government officials and Buddhist monks launched an experimental genetic program that would breed an army of grass ogres with the power of divine touch on all objects they came across. The secret program was called Hiiragibusshu ikimono and it would pave way for Japan’s dominance in the technological revolution. Wanting a piece of the magic, Kimberly-Clark CEO Darwin Smith, called upon these grass ogres to bless their brand of tissues with a softness, lightness and freshness that no other tissue has ever seen before. All for a substantial donation to the program.

ANSWER: Kleenex tissues have the power to not only wipe your snotty nose with a power an efficiency never seen before, but transcend into shaping a greater good.

PROOF: While the particulars of Hiiragibusshu ikimono are heavily classified, the grass ogres have left the tissues 10% lighter and 4% softer than any competitor’s tissue. Also, in qualitative product research, participants noted greater feelings of euphoria when using the product.



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