This Repository is for the Anheuser-Busch InBev Nationwide Distillery Analysis





U.S. Beer Market is growing more saturated with small-scale breweries taking more market share and shelf space from the National Domestic Beer Manufacturers. Newer brands are covering the spectrum of bitterness and gravity size, and they are beginning to spread across the country. As AB Inbev is looking to test the waters in the craft brew space, understanding the local trends with these factors may help open market deficiencies as well as locations that may enjoy a bitter beer over others. This information can help guide AB Inbev with insight to opening new chains of micro-brews around the country.

Repository Contents:

  • Brews.csv – Unique beers from microbrews names, ABV, IBU &
  • Breweries.csv – Location and ID data on microbreweries
  • Codebook.rmd – Description of data for Brews.csv & Breweries.csv
  • Codebook.html – HTML version of description of data for Brews.csv & Breweries.csv
  • CaseStudy_01_Grace_Daniel_Final.Rmd – R Markdown file of data cleaning and analysis
  • CaseStudy_01_Grace_Daniel_Final.html – HTML knit of data cleaning and analysis process
  • .ppt – PowerPoint used in presentation to Anheauser-Busch executive team

Authors: Daniel Clark & Grace Lang

Contact info: &